Entrepeneur Development

Without an entrepreneur, there will be no business.

One of the limitations of starting a business, is limited self-knowledge and the lack of perspective of what one prefers to do and how that will affect the business. Passion is essential to be an entrepreneur but it is not sufficient.


ExecuThink has developed the Entrepreneurial Propensity Index (EPI), to provide the new entrepreneur with insights into preferred behaviour, and a comparative perspective offered by three nominees. This detailed report, which shows the differences in perception by the entrepreneur and the chosen nominees, clearly shows where adjustments should be made. A follow-up programme on entrepreneurship is offered, further helping the new business person to refine entrepreneurial behaviour.  Take the EPI on this website today ; you may be surprised to find gaps that you had not thought about.

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Our EPI development tool compares your self-rating to that of three people whom you nominate. The differences in opinion will point you towards potential problem areas.

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ExecuThink is committed to developing entrepreneurs in Southern Africa and beyond. We look forward to receiving your EPI results. If you are unable to pay the nominal fee, kindly contact us for a free voucher code.