Welcome to ExecuThink’s website. If you want to plan your own business, manage your existing business more effectively, or establish a co-operative, you’ve come to the right place. We have decades of experience helping South Africans conceptualise, plan and upskill for the challenges of your small business!

ExecuThink is an enterprise development specialist. Whether you want to produce items, trade in goods, sell a service, construct a building, work from home, establish a school, develop a partnership or create a cooperative…. talk to us! We have the tools, techniques, skill, networks and experience to help take your business forward…. from an idea to an operating enterprise … from a survivalist operation to a sustainable business ….. from an established business to a serious competitor .

If you are anew to business, do our EPI exercise today and find out what you need to change, to ensure success. Small business is for everyone. ExecuThink is here to help and take you forward!

All business owners benefit from upskilling. New business owners require support with technical skills in finance, marketing, selling and operations. They also require help conceptualising the business, managing their emotions and developing confidence, learning to take risks and especially…. learning how to sell.

ExecuThink adopts a mentoring style when assisting with concept development, building your company profile, developing your business plan, projecting financials and planning your marketing strategy. We are the ‘one-stop shop’ for all your small business needs.

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Experienced business owners need help growing their businesses, opening new markets, bringing in partners,  raising finance and dealing with staff matters. Often these businesses lack a results-orientated marketing strategy and do not have dedicated sales people. More staff often brings unforeseen challenges and team-building becomes necessary ; an organisational culture develops and the owner has to learn how to delegate responsibility to others. Alternatively the business may be struggling and cut-backs become necessary, efficiency becomes essential and financial management critical.

Whatever the stage of your business, contact ExecuThink today and lets make your business happen!