Welcome to ExecuThink’s website. If you want to plan your own business, manage your existing business more effectively, or establish a co-operative, you’ve come to the right place. We have decades of experience helping South Africans conceptualise, plan and upskill for the challenges of your small business!

ExecuThink is an enterprise development specialist. Whether you want to produce items, trade in goods, sell a service, construct a building, work from home, establish a school, develop a partnership or create a cooperative…. talk to us! We have the tools, techniques, skill, networks and experience to help take your business forward…. from an idea to an operating enterprise … from a survivalist operation to a sustainable business ….. from an established business to a serious competitor .

If you are anew to business, do our EPI exercise today and find out what you need to change, to ensure success. Small business is for everyone. ExecuThink is here to help and take you forward!

SME Development

Small and micro businesses account for more than 60% of employment in South Africa.

More than 12 million people rely on smaller businesses for their livelihood. More than 90% of formal businesses in South Africa are SME’s. People start businesses because they

  • cannot find work elsewhere
  • don’t want to work for a boss
  • need a way of making money,
  • identified a money-making opportunity or
  • because they are entrepreneurial by nature.

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During its life cycle, an SME will benefit from planning, training and support with an enterprise development specialist.

SMEs’ success derives from tapping into niches efficiently, finding gaps which large companies  do not serve or linking to supply chains which require specialised goods or services. Skilled enterprise development practitioners use their insights, techniques, research and experience to guide SME’s towards increased profitability.

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ExecuThink has seen hundreds of small businesses in the last decade and offers generalist experience, in a range of different industries. We will assist businesses which market products and services. We adopt a mentoring approach with owners and managers. We transfers skills during the consultation process. Contact us today, if you need assistance.

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